R. Illustration 1018

This fashion illustration is called Disappearing Act.  Don’t ask why – just seems to fit the moment :-) Enjoy your weekend!

R.Illustration 1017

  The fashion illustration called Autumn mainly because I wasn’t sure what else to call this. 

Red Sea Life

I’ve been working on some watercolour illustrations for my friends who are visiting the Red Sea. These are just some of the fish you might SEA out there!

Chivalrous Rascals

The other day I went to the movies with my older sister, her 2 children (girl,12 and boy,5) and my younger sister. When we were leaving we noticed our car was blocked by two… Continue reading

Initial Sketches – Siem Reap

This weekend I was at Siem Reap hopping from one gorgeous architectural structure to another like all other tourists who visit Siem Reap. It was extremely hot and we were sweating buckets and… Continue reading

Bits & Bobs ~ TEE

So I wanted to start this new thing. Re-using, Recycling tips for everyday products that you would generally throw away. I will try not to make it a snooze fest but instead they… Continue reading

Colourful Cocktails

  This is a throwback to some of the watercolour cocktails I produced for this lovely restaurant in Bangkok, Indulge. Hopefully they look as good as they taste! :-) Their Menu: http://www.indulgebangkok.com/cocktails_bar2 Happy Monday!


 I have a new idea and I know I have a lot of loose end ideas but I think this could really take off if I put my heart and soul into this.… Continue reading

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    That oversized top looks so snug #couldcurlupinthatandsleepfordays #fashionillustration #rubynna I was on my way home and then woosh ☔ so had to stop by a cafe and decided why not just chill and 📖 it was great.. oh also smelt these gorgeous orchids on my walk home 😍 #rainydamndays Soaked ☔ #peelingoffthewetclothes teehee #fashionillustration #rubynna And another one🌹 #turtles #itrepresentsprotectionandlongevity teehee 🐢 #handmade #rubynna
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