The Tree of Lifelessness

I’ve always been interested in trees as a student in school and I chose to explore it in art class. I looked at many different types of trees but the ones that intrigue me the most are the dead trees. The trees with no leaves, the ones with twisted branches, the ones that look miserable and deathly. I think they are one of the most pleasant types of trees, because they have a story to tell, the have a history behind them and they are mostly one of the oldest trees in the decade.

Take Angkor trees for example they are beautiful, people travel from all around the world just to see the trees for themselves. The branches tell a tale of its own and the roots just keep you in awe.

Here is a link to ankor trees:

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Drawings by: Rubina S.

Death 1                                                                            Death 2

Death 4

Mondrian Inspired Tree

Entrapment                                                                                         Metamorphosis