Flamenco in Painting

So I have always been interested in dancing, especially salsa or something along that line. After I saw a Flamenco dance in the International Dance Festival in Thailand a couple of years back I decided it was quite an interesting dance and that I am now in love with it. So i decided the best way to do dance without actualli dancing was to make some paintings and drawings of the dances. It was a way to express all the energy I have in dancing onto a sheet of paper and a canvas. Each painting portrays the type of dance being drawn, for the street dance the colours are vibrant revealing the quick and difficult moves. As for the flamenco dance the colors are more feminine or they have less contrast, its more the hair that reveals the energy and passion that the dance requires. It was all very exciting actually because those were one of my best paintings in the IB end of year exhibition.

If you want one you can contact me at: crazy20gal@gmail.com and I can give you all the details and prices.

Drawings and Paintings by Rubina S.

street dance                                                                                                     breakdance futuristic

Preety (Futuristic)

Her story to tell (Futuristic)

Her story to tell 2 (futuristic)