BACC Dance the World in one Day

You would think that dancing the world in one day would mean it would involve several different dances, which it did have a random selection of; however 7 from 19 of those dances were belly dancing. Belly dancing is a very entertaining dance especially with its shimmering costumes but 7 shows in about an hours worth of time can be very overwhelming and prick the eyes slightly. This event was hosted by the Bangkok Art and Culture Center and directed by the Rumpuree Organisation to further promote their dance program.

The show lasted about two hours and it was, lets say occupying – it was at times very entertaining and other times tedious depending on the dances. The dances which stood out from the crowd were hip hop (which by the way was the last dance before belly dancing rang in our ears again), the new york salsa, flamenco and afro-cuban. These dancers were dancing the world in one day – well atleast part of the world and they did it really well. The dances were well perfomed and technically good as well as colorful and enjoyable.

After the intermission there was a short strip tease for us adults to watch and anyone with children were adviced to enjoy their intermission longer, no one payed attention to it; however I personally think they should have due to the pitiful strip tease we recieved. It was slow and distasteful and on top of that she picked a woman, not a man, but a woman from the audience and gave her a part lap dance. The woman must be thanked immensely and maybe even rewarded.

Other than that I think I might actually look into new york salsa (which reminded me of Chicago the movie alot), afro-cuban and their hip hop. The hip hop group were  technically great and amusing as well. They deserved their share of cheers!

Here are a few pictures of some of the dances:

Afro-Cuban Dance

Bellydance with Sword


New York Salsa (Couple)