Are we all turning into little 50s princesses?

The New Look

I watched funny face yesterday and Audrey Hepburn looks sooo pretty…and the fashion at that time period was soo fairy tale – everything was so charming. The new look by Christian Dior was very in – the big skirts that would make it seem like a fariy tale…don’t you wish you could wear that now? It would be soo beautiful and make you soo useless, which is a wonderful combination in todays world, because there is barely anytime do nothing anymore. The dress would be a perfect excuse.

Not only did I see it in funny face but I also saw the Dior look in Vanida (วนิดา), the latest thai lakhorn. Since this lakhorn is a hit I think a lot of Thai people are going to follow the A – Line, nipped waist Dior trend. The whole lakhorn is based on the 50s fashion, where the waist is highly accentuated. It is a very elegant and graceful style and if it becomes a trend everything would look very feminine and and glamorous all over again just like the movies…

Audrey in the Dior Look
The Wedding Dress
Dior Look in Vanida
Vanida Style Dress
Imagine us all in something like this!