Its all about knowing what people want…

So when you go shopping, would you rather go down Oxford street or somewhere that is a little quieter and you could actually browse through without rushing like it’s the end of the world? Actually that could be fun sometimes but not everytime. Sometimes its just nice to have a good ambiance around the room, enjoy looking at the clothes and actually have time to choose and try on what you want to wear. Well if you want a place like this in the middle of Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, check out Anthropologie.

It is really calm, really friendly and just nice to even go sit and have a read. There aren’t only clothes but homewear products as well, this is what actually keeps me in there for quite some time. Their homewear products are just different and everytime you go in there you will find something new. It is because of the way it is displayed, the props and the products look like they are one and it is very intriguing. I mean it could get overwhelming but seriously once you get into you won’t want to leave either. The clothes in addition are quite chic and are just an older version of Urban Outfitters, so if you like Urban than you are bound to like Anthropologie. Hears a sneak peek to their store, and even if you don’t buy anything you will come out feeling like you weren’t on Regent Street.