When you are surrounded by sounds and images

For those who missed out on the latest exhibition in Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, Roundhouse, here are a few clips and images to provide you with an insight of what it was like. The exhibition lasted quite a while if you were to watch all videos, however every video had its own techniques and style and they were all pretty impressive. Some were a little amateur for my taste but others may enjoy it. The images and sound effects that surrounded you were exciting and made you feel like you were trapped in a surreal trance.

Here is a listing of the artists that were involved:

  • Babis Alexiadis
  • Hussein Chalayan
  • Paul Cocksedge
  • Mat Collishaw
  • Ori Gersht
  • Greenaway & Greenaway
  • Gabriel Klasmer & Shira Klasmer
  • Christian Marclay
  • Javier Mariscal
  • SDNA
  • David Shrigley
  • Royal College of Art


Looking from Outside


Javier Mariscal