Want to hang out with me?

So I was walking away from the sad long queue of people waiting to enter CASS ART for a free art box. To be fair if I was a first year student, I’d prolly have nothing better to do than go stand in line with my friends for some free stuff. Anyways drifting away now clearly, so as I was walking away, I decided I wanted to walk up Essex Road (the road from Angel station) and saw this cute little place – Barrio North (imagine some cool spanish music playing right about now! Ta da!) Well this is now one of my new favorite places.

I have to admit I walked in only because I saw that it was Amigo hour, so drinks were half price and decent. Well actually the only reason I looked at how much the drinks were in the first place is because the decorations in the place, it was very charming. There were umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling next to cute little paper cranes. On the walls there are old rusty looking suitcases, I say rusty, but that could just be the orange lighting. The tiles on the wall had different paintings and images on them, some more interesting than others. Oh and the fun part! There is a booth inside that looks like a caravan and apparently you can book it for your birthday!

After looking like a freak and staring at every decoration they had, I also really enjoyed my drink and amazing half meat and veg plater. So if you want a little nibble with the drinks, there is quite an interesting variety. I thought the place was charming and I am defintely going there again.

Some pictures:

The Website: