Visiting Bristol any time soon?

If you enjoy shopping in Anthropologie, not just for the clothing and the products but also for the experience in the store itself – 18 The Mall is a little store in Bristol that musn’t be missed. Walking into the store is like walking into an old house full of unused vintage products that reveal a lot of character about themselves. 18 The Mall has products ranging from apparel and accessories to beauty and home products. If you are ready to charm up your room with some classic vintage items, enter the store and its garuanteed that you will walk out with something.

With Apparel – there are brands similar to Day Birger, Pyrus and Odd Molly.

With beauty and homeware – if you like Miller Harris, Henry Dean or John Derian you should head there now.

With accesories – there are brands ranging from Penelope Chilvers and Bloch to Ally Cappelino.

Visit the store online:

or head to the Clifton area in Bristol and have a look for yourself.