Its as you would expect just slightly better…

So you know when you hear about somewhere over and over again, sketch is that kind of place. People will keep talking about it – until you think this place is overrated, it probably isn’t as good as they make it sound.  I’ve had quite a few different people encouraging me to go there, until last night it finally happened! aaah yea yea! Finally! So I walked in there with an attitude that it might be the typical members club, over priced and awkward with people who have all the money to spend. However, I was greeted by a bouncer, who was friendly and let us in with a smile. Then we were greeted by a manager and he told described the different rooms to us. The restaurant with the little bar by the loos, the bar across from that (which was quite charming) and the members only bar – which was quite quirky.

I looked around and noticed some peculiar things that stood out but at the same time it does build into the atmosphere, which I thought worked quite well. The best part was down the hallway where the chairs morphed into the wall – that was something I found extremely interesting (wonder if it would be comfortable – should have tried).  No surprise when we ordered drinks they were stupidly overpriced but they were quite delicious. I guess I wouldn’t mind paying that much for the atmosphere once in while. Its worth checking the place out at least once – and yes it maybe overrated but it does speak for itself once you are in there.

The moment you enter

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