Thailand from an artist’s point of view

In Thailand – the best art and crafts that will be found is up north in Chiang Mai+ Chiang Rai + Pai and several other provinces. This winter I visited Chiang Mai and Pai, which was beautiful and full of talent. Here are a few shops and interesting products that can be found up there.

You can get everything on the streets of Thailand

Everything hand made

While walking through all the interesting hand made bags, hats and several pieces of clothing, I stumbled upon this charming little shoe shop. All his shoes were embroidered and every piece was hand made. It was beautiful and looks quite trendy as well. I adored the shop and bought a pair myself.

These were beautifully embroidered

My Favourite Pair

In Pai…

I bought one!

In Pai there was this creatively decorated store, which quite frankly reminded me of Anthropologie. It was crowded and most of the props were for sale. Everything was placed thoughtfully and it is quite colourful, I could have stayed in there alot longer if everyone else wasn’t in a hurry. This shop did lots of little souvenirs and hand made products that would be good for decorations (homeware products).

They had a big variety

Each one was different

Clearly I was obsessed

Hand Made LampShades

Visit Chiang Mai and Pai for a truly artistic experience and obviously lots of shopping!