David Hockney

As I waited for a friend in front of the Royal Academy of Arts with several people pushing by, I started to get a little bit annoyed. We all know how the crowd around Piccadilly Circus can make your blood boil a little. Then as he turned up I quickly rushed him in, mentioning that there could be a line for the exhibition; and right as I finished my sentence we saw a row of people tapping their feet and looking at their watches around 10 metres from the front door. The look on my face was distorted and I was screaming “another line?!” in my head. He chuckled a little when he turned towards me and calmly said we’ve got a pass and pulled me straight through to the fast track. “I will get a free ticket but you will have to pay, don’t worry it’ll be half price” he said. As we walked up to the cashier, me with my wallet out ready to pay, the lovely cashier lady said you get up to three free tickets. I then walked into the exhibition with a big smile on my face, looking very smug. Another line dodged and free tickets to see David Hockney’s exhibition, that’s how we roll.

Sorry there are only a few pictures, apparently no photographs allowed. But here goes…

One of my favorite pieces