Back Home for a Couple of Hours

Amazing Atmosphere

Sorry for the random disappearance, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth or anything like that, I just had a uni assignment to hand in and we all know how that is.  Anyways after the hand in, I went out for a couple of drinks with some uni friends- tradition and all that, but after that I went out for dinner with a friend and seriously it was like being back home for a few hours (hence the title wahey!). Back home meaning Bangkok by the way.

So if you walk into Rathbone street off of Oxford street, you will see a bright, slightly tacky (but completely fitting to the theme) yellow sign saying ‘East Street’. The name tells you what it is – eastern food served in a street style atmosphere. The moment you step through the glass doors you can see the old looking steel tables and the colourful plastic chairs. The ambiance was perfect, because it was clean (with not insects crawling around like the real street food situation) but it felt like you were on the streets of Bangkok.

An Asian touch to the Walls

Moving on to the food – so I can’t really judge a lot of the food as I am only from Thailand, but the Vietnamese stir fry that I had was mouth watering and the Japanese Gyoza dipped in the soy sauce was perfect. The thing that I can judge was the Chiangmai noodles; it was almost like the real thing. It was the perfect amount of spicy and thickness and very flavourful. Definetly going back for some more of that!

Chiangmai Noodles!

So basically – this is not a review of the restaurant or anything (I guess it is in a way but wasn’t meant to be) – its just a recommendation if anyone ever wants to try some proper Asian street food in London because it was delicious, oh! and reasonably priced. Made my hand in celebrations perfect.

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