The Inspiration from Pottery

Yuewei Vivien Zhang is a friend from school and she just had her graduate show last Friday, presenting her paintings. Can’t believe how fast university life has passed – shes already graduating (congratulations btw!) and I’ve only got a year left. It is a combination of excitement and freaking out really. What am I gonna do when I’m done?! At the same time thinking finally no more classes!

Anyhow, her paintings -which were massive by the way – are beautiful and very intriguing. The colours used complimented each other beautifully and made the subject stand out just the right amount. The subject was made quite abstract, however if closely observed it can be recognized and you’ll see that the inspiration is from pottery. After speaking to her, it was confirmed and she even mentioned that she traveled to Vietnam to see what the pottery is like there. I’m going to stop rambling now and let you have a look for yourself, but genuinely the work is beautiful Vivien and congratulations!!

Nick, Vivi, Arpan

Vivi and my favorite painting