Matthew Small

Benjamin – Mixed Media on Road Sign (2012)

‘Kai’ – Mixed Media on Fridge Door (2011)

‘Katie’ – Mixed Media on Car Bonnet (2012)

Katie Zoomed In

‘Katrina’ – Mixed Media on Fridge Door (2012)

My Boss and I were walking down Fitzrovia Street and all of a sudden she stops, turns her head backwards and is intrigued by something. I stood there looking very confused and then she leads me to the Gallery Different. Inside, there were these beautiful and bright paintings that portrayed very strong emotions on the subject’s face. At the same time because there were so many colours, looking at the painting from up close you would think that it was abstract, giving the painting a whole new image. Furthermore, he paints on scrap pieces of metal like fridge doors and road signs which forms different textures on his paintings, triggering several emotions from people. The lovely lady at the gallery told us that Matthew Small does urban looking paintings, however because of his technique they can be classified as fine art. Definitely pop in to have a look at his work, these pictures do not give them justice.

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