It’s Raining Again?

So there is me in a slightly bad mood waiting in line (another line in London, what a surprise!) thinking this shouldn’t be too long. An hour later and,  I don’t know, possible 14 people down the line my friend shows up, which in a way made the line go a tad faster – just a tad. Once we were in the front we were really excited to see what was in the curve – keeping in mind that I have seen some pretty cool exhibitions in there. Then the lady goes ‘you can go in now’ and we walk down the long dark curve before we see it.

There in the middle of the curve was a square patch of rain – yes just like in the articles, there is rain. I stand there slightly disappointed by what I saw until another helpful lady comes up and says ‘have you been in?’ This confuses me slightly until my friend said it stops raining if you stand under it – so we walk in slowly and you know I’m not going to lie it was pretty interesting. We went roung in swirls and circles until we realized that the faster you walk the more likely you are to get wet – so we ran through it. I guess it fulfills its purposes of experimenting with human behaviour and interactive processes. Depending on who you are maybe the wait is worth it – if you would like to control rain for once rather than vice versa.