Wall I Love

There are always several roads I can pick from to go home, but there is this one road I choose almost everytime. It’s the one with the least traffic and it’s just easier to pass through the city if you think about it logically. If you think about it creatively though, there is this wall I pass right before my car does the turn towards home, that is covered in colour. I have passed it countless times. This one evening right before the sun was about to set, I was free and had an incredible photographer by my side, so took her out specifically to this wall. Parked the car in a random spot, because this wall is sort of in the middle of nowhere. We got off, hurried along, took a few pictures (yes there were a few poses) and literally got back in the car and drove off. These are a few images I want to share with you of the eccentric street art I saw on this wall I love. – Bangkok