You dropped something! – Haight Street

Y O U R   S M I L E !

So I have been a bit MIA but that is because I just hauled my ass over to California and Nevada for a good 10 days. Hell yeah! I actually made it to the states after always getting told I have an American accent and I have to say I found it incredible and I am pretty sure they loved me there too (not to sound conceited whatsoever lol)!

Anyhow, the trip started off with a few endless nights in Vegas, which by the way definitely surprised me. I thought it would be one of those ‘let’s go crazy and party all the time’ sort of situation – and I have to admit it was. However, everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone we spoke to was smiling and friendly and genuinely enjoying their lives. I have to admit I thought it was incredible how no-one cared much for stress and well it was all about making friends and enjoying the time you had. Definitely needed some of that loving after the slightly stressed out and bitter phase in Bangkok.

Moving on, we did the blissful nature adventure and made a little trip down to Merced, which is in the middle of nowhere and has little to do. Actually I cant say much about what there is out there because we were only there during the evenings to rest. The point of Merced is that it was our gateway to Yosemite, which was an experience that blew my mind away. It was exactly what you need after all the dresses, champagne and shimmering lights in Vegas. We found ourselves in the middle of mountains and trees with absolutely no-one around us. It was so breath-taking and really, one day was not enough, I need me a little bit more of that labyrinth.

After the two gorgeous extremes we headed back to the city of San Francisco and it was as exciting as everyone makes it out to be. We had only two days with so much to do, so there was a little bit of rushing and bustling, however even with that I definitely saw glimpses of the city’s charm. This means that another visit is definitely in order! The pictures below are of a street I fell in love with instantaneously – Haight Street. It was like Bricklane meets Dalston, just a lot more colorful. Their graffiti is lively and vibrant just like the city. Everyone was friendly (theygotgrass) and their sense of style was marvelous. Visited a few shops and walked the street for about 15 mins and these are the pictures I want to show you, so my point is if you go to San Francisco visit Haight Street! It’s just something that might make you smile. Enjoy! xx

Gotta thank these girls for making it a wonderful trip. Khushi Srikureja, Emily Chen, Insiyah Zohair <3