W District

love love love

Phra Khanong BTS station may possibly be my new favorite spot. The W-District is this new art space (quite well laid out I might add) with some very exciting beautiful contemporary work. Some of the paintings on the ground floor really blew my mind and it has been a while since I have seen good art. This may be because I haven’t been active enough to go see art in Bangkok but the little that I have seen have not impressed me as much as the 3 artists, who had their work displayed here.

Dunkwen did some incredible exciting paintings that were quite abstract but had very strong substance to it. My personal favorite is the naked vulnerable looking girl sitting in that roaring mouth.Β 

Sarawut Thaichuai "Untitled" Y.2013 Mixed Media

Sarawut Thaichuai “Untitled” Y.2013 Mixed Media

This painting by Tantikorn Nonkong is rather detailed and the emotions portrayed in each element is really powerful. I found this piece subtly daring and adored it extremely.

Quirky Table Art

Out in W Space

If you have not been I suggest you head out as it also has good street food in a very hipster artsy ambiance. Something I really enjoyed while the sun was setting since it formed this beautiful light transformation on the art work surrounding us. Very playful and “cute” as I usually call places. Definitely one of the more exciting places to hang out in Bangkok.