So I have recently just finished a book ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. It does sound like one of those inspirational ‘lets try real hard to gain happiness in our lives’ type of book and I definitely had doubts when I first started reading it (it was a gift from a friend). However, the reality is, the book is almost like her personal diary, blog if you may, where she shares her experience on how she improved her life through little changes. Nothing radical or drastic like going to a meditation retreat, moving to a different country or re-organizing current relationships.

I am not a good writer and this I have been told by a lot of people, so I am not going to write a lot. All I want to say is that there is a point that she makes about gaining happiness through the process of growth. That’s it – that’s all it is. If we have something to learn, a passion we want to pursue, a challenge we want to overcome, I suggest we get on it! Isn’t that literally what we are here to do. Grow as people, whether it is educational, spiritual, physical or in any other forms you have in mind for yourself. Just keep growing and questioning, because once you grow a little you will always want to keep growing. That feeling is pure joyous and definitely makes you feel like you have accomplished something in life. I have been trying a few little things myself :-)


Ironically this piece is called Distress

Just want to end it with – thank-you everyone for all your support, I keep drawing because it makes me better at what I do and your support has been extremely encouraging!Β