PMQ – Ricky Lai

Dog Sled II & An Abandoned Husky

Dog Sled II & An Abandoned Husky

My trip to Hong Kong was an extremely tedious experience and that has nothing to do with the country itself. The fair that we attended was awfully quiet and exhausted us before we could even go out and experience the local lifestyle.

Up until the last day. We decided after the fair was over that we would go and explore the Central area a bit and we ended up at this lifestyle multi-brand building called ‘PMQ’. This was a standard apartment transformed into a hub for artisan and hand crafted brands. Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in little boutique products. Though it is your typical collection of designer brands put together in one building, I stumbled across a store called ‘Open Quote’ with beautiful graphics and obviously ended up buying myself a few postcards of the designer’s illustrations.

The designer, who also owns the store, is called Ricky Lai and had some of his past works on display as well. His use of lines is wonderfully fine and formed beautiful figures from his experiences I would presume. These pictures do not do his work justice as I was rushed out of there soon after with our limited time and what not; I would suggest you have a look at his website or better yet buy his book if you are interested. Links below.