This illustration was intended sort of for Diwali (Indian Light Festival) but it looks like she is wearing a kimono (yes I should really know what I am drawing, however when I say my pen just flows into shapes, I really do mean it) basically a combination of Indian and Japanese. Which by the way I have never heard of? Could be my bubble of ignorance, so I do apologise for that. If there are any Indian-Japanese babies – I would love to hear from you and how you came about and what your life is like and where you live, not prying just interested. Because seriously such a clash in cultures but combined I think it would make a beautiful balance of crazy and calm! Anyhow my point I am very much enjoying the increase in culture combinations around me, because why not? We are all, at the end of the day, humans – one and the same, so here is to all those risk takers making it a norm!

P.S. don’t mind me I am just babbling .