Heading Bopping PewPews


Tokyo and some of it’s colours.

So this past week I had to go on a work trip with 3 other people that I barely knew, thank-god for single bed rooms. Sharing our weird intimate secrets right away would be a disaster, maybe after a few more trips ;) hehe – that’s courting right? Like they say don’t jump right in.. UNLESS of course it is to eat the food in Japan! I cannot stress you enough how amazing the food, the art, the people, the crazy was, all these aspects squeezed into one single week, I was of course overwhelmed with joy and exhaustion.

Anyways what I want to share with you guys is the vintage explosion I found in Tokyo! The clothes, accessories and products were incredibly beautiful and some so intricate I just wanted it all! Vintage Galore! So we went to Shimokitazawa and trust me you think it’s long just reading it, try pronouncing it to the ticket man at the subway line. “Hello, I want to go to Shimo… umm Shimoti….????” with the most confused ‘I really don’t know what the place is called’ look on my face until he rescued me from any more humiliation and said  “Aaah Shimokitazawa – this train.” What a lovely man!  There you find a whole area of little knick knacks in one big area and the price ranges from pretty darn cheap to slightly too pricey for what it is – so definitely scrounge!  Totally worth it! Around the market area there are some beautiful shops with traditional Japanese furniture and other home products (prints! prints! prints!) as well as stationary stores. If you have the means there are also several minimalist type fashion shops that had beautiful shapes, just too pricey for the budget that I was on this time. Next time though, I will be more prepared! Also before I go into a thousand more amazing things – graffitis graffitis graffitis! Make sure you look in the tiny little alley ways! <3

If you are in Tokyo and are as crazy about vintage clothing as one of my colleagues who literally just gasped at 75% of the things we saw, this is your heaven.

I  can vouch for it. 

P.S. The title is to do with the crossing in the main areas of Tokyo :-)