light & shadows – Gallery Gaze

Attasit Pokpong, if you haven’t been to see his exhibition in Sukhumvit Soi 31, Adler Subhashok Gallery, and you have a little time this weekend, I say pop by. The artist, whose style is in the path of pop art, has created some beautiful paintings using the idea of light and shadow. I can probably rewrite what most reviews or the artist himself has already written but I won’t do that (if you want to know more check it out here —> ) I will say though that the eyes in these paintings are so subtle with emotion that they are pretty much the soul of the paintings. Just staring at this one gives me the goosebumps (p.s. that is not me in the photo). 


Sidenote: Also want to point out the skin colours are pretty diverse it gives me little tingles to know that the society here is adapting to all skin colours and not just to advertisements of whitening creams. Points for him!