The Canteen Song



This post is a bit different from my usual. It is about two very good friends who are stepping into something very exciting. It pretty much started during a school trip to Kinabalu and things spiralled into a colourful fruit basket from then on. Until one afternoon after much pestering from his friends he went down on his knees and sang “Happy Together” and ended with…(hold your breath) “Will you go to the prom with me!” She obviously said yes, especially after that embarrassingly cute display of his, and its been one of the sweetest stories that’s ever unfolded before my eyes!

January 2016, eight years later, they are now engaged to get married and I cannot be more happy for them. It hasn’t been an easy ride mind you, what with them studying in different countries and the crazy time differences they endured, but they pulled through and gosh aren’t we all glad they did! <3