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I have just recently read an article from the blog ‘Beautiful Hello’ and it was about how the process is as important (or more important some may argue) as the final piece of art. I couldn’t agree more. I have been to several exhibitions and every time I see a piece of work I truly love I couldn’t help but think how they came about it. After an exhilarating visit I would instantly research them preferably through books and the ultimate thing I am looking for are their initial hand sketches. There is just something extremely raw and exciting about that quick sketch that started it all. I believe it is the most pure of all the emotions an artist goes through before turning up with the rendered finished piece. That initial hand sketch.. It’s the thought process, the clogs turning in their brains that eventually produces a mind-blowing piece.

As an artist I have kept all my random doodles and sketches (despite of the fact that I hate some of them) just because eventually they push me. To improve. To explore. To produce. They are the beginnings of something that could be incredible or not. It really doesn’t matter. It’s that the hand drawings have so much emotion and raw excitement that they are the perfect pieces to look back to for inspiration. Keep your so called ‘random not so great sketches’, one day they will be the inspiration for something great. And it might not even come from you.


A recent work in progress #doitfortheprocess


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