Seahorse Loving

Valentines and the myth of monogamous seahorses, aiyya! Let’s clear that confusion out guys. I love seahorses, have always been fascinated by them, plus the male carries the baby (what could be better). Anyhow I wanted to share a little bit about the way seahorses court. There is flirting involved just like humans – tail twirling, colour changing to send out signs. They court for several days and even have dance rituals, wink wink. Once the male is with baby, the female even checks on him daily to make sure the baby is being protected. However, despite all that romance and loving, they do not mate for life. There are several species that mate only for a season, so don’t mistake the memes for reality!


Here’s a little drawing of cute little seahorses enjoying a weekend of valentines and lets hope everyone is having a bit of fun of their own. Don’t go pressuring yourself with a mating for life situation ;)

Kisses for all!  

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