If Neil smiles, you smile.

MY drawing does not do him justice. But this ones for you Chocoball <3

My drawing does not do him justice. This ones for you Chocoball <3

If he was happy his smiles were bigger and brighter, if he was annoyed (which rarely happened by the way) he’d smile it off anyways and if he was sad he’d do his beautiful smile but you’d know something was up because it felt meaningful. You know they say a smile is contagious and honestly, his by far is the most contagious I’ve encountered. If Neil smiles, even the saddest girl in class did and I know because I saw him make her smile. There is almost like an aura of wonderful feelings that surrounds him and you can’t get rid of it. You don’t want to. You know what the best part is, I got to be part of his life. That is special. I feel special everyday to know that he cared for me as much I do for him. And if I could, even a little bit, I would spread that kind of aura wherever I go; just so you can understand what I mean when I say “If Neil smiles, you smile.”

This one is for all the Gs in the world.