Locals Only – Gallery Gaze

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This weekend I visited a gallery, Soy Sauce Factory, I have been wanting to check out in a while. One of those places you keep hearing about and putting a pin in it but just never get around to going. Well I finally went and thought it was a wonderful space. The gallery is spacious and the bar downstairs is adorable, plus it’s right by the river, giving it a charming ambience. Anyhow, the exhibition, Locals Only, showcases artworks by Luther Kroman and George Leo Sanders. The pieces are quite contemporary and for the lack of a better word, sparse. The style is very Mondrian and Malevich, portraying simplicity and possibly purity in abstraction, with several elements from the cubism movement. It is pretty much a showcase of paintings that remind you of childhood sports and games, for example Basketball and Checkers were among the lot. Your brain should automatically link some of the paintings to whichever games were most prominent in your childhood experiences. It’s definitely worth a visit, plus you can have a lovely evening at the bar downstairs as well.