Metamorphosis. Black Butterfly – Gallery Gaze


With this exhibition it took us a few wrong turns to actually get to the gallery. By the time we reached I was slightly sweaty and icky, however as we walked into the gorgeous gallery my mood was pleasantly changed. The exhibition had some very interesting pieces that caught my eye instantly. It has been a while since I have seen an exhibition with such strong imagery and was genuinely excited about it. In fact my friend and I saw what we thought was a paper mache human size dummy, but as we walked closer we saw her breathing. A real human as part of the installation. Let me correct myself, there were 2 humans, ladies as part of this installation and they were mummied up in a gorgeously dramatic way. The use of black and white contrast had a new and very subtle manner of conveying her idea of the drastic contrast between the hypocrisy of the modern society and the average everyday person. I am not going to go into the details of her thoughts, you can read more about it on her event page (link below). I do recommend it though – if I’m not wrong it’s on until the 23rd, so you have some time! Plus the gallery itself is a very pleasant place.


Artist: Olga Volodina

Gallery: Yenakart  Villa Art Gallery, Bangkok!large-grid/copa