Blurred Lines – Gallery Gaze


On Saturday I had a super artsy evening and it was lovely. We started off at the Subhashok Art Gallery, which housed three different artists – two of which I really enjoyed the works of because the styles were very close to my heart. Both slightly abstract but still clearly paintings of faces and poses. The style is in the direction of the impressionism movement – where lots of color dabs form a subject on the canvas and depending on your distance the clarity of the subject changes. 

First artist – K. Panjarat Polpluek, whose style is very impressionism influenced and the exciting contrast of color dabs articulated a beautiful shade of colors on the faces portrayed. Each painting revealed an essence of their own, edging us to have a different emotional experience with every painting. 

Second artist I really enjoyed, Nattagan Pansri, whose work felt really powerful with a more obvious contrast of colors and harsher brush strokes. The subjects were more accentuated the and feels being expressed were oozing vibrantly from the canvases. 

I really enjoyed the paintings and do recommend it! Have a little peek if you’ve got some time.

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