Bits & Bobs ~ TEE

So I wanted to start this new thing. Re-using, Recycling tips for everyday products that you would generally throw away. I will try not to make it a snooze fest but instead they will be fun and exciting, when you have some free time on your hands, kind of project. Even if I inspire just 1 out of the billions of people in the world I have done something right I guess! Anyways I’m going to stop with the babbling and here goes!

WP_20150503_009 (2)


These were some random bits I found just lying around the house and instead of chucking them away I made them into little pendants and earrings. I’m not even sure what their original use was but they make for beautiful shapes. I obviously had to find some beads and chains to transform them into wearable accessories. And believe it or not people find them interesting. Some probably just say it to be nice but others are genuinely pleased with them. So if you have some Extra time this weekend maybe reconstruct some junk that you were going to throw away into accessories or art or to be honest, anything that could be useful.

T h e E x t r a E f f o r t M i g h t M a k e A D i f f e r e n c e