Siem Reap Crafts


If you noticed a couple of posts back I added some drawings I did of the beautiful trees in Siem Reap. Today I looked through my phone and found that I had taken some photos and researched a couple of interesting shops with beautiful craft work in Siem Reap and I want to share. There is a huge market in the town centre with lots of very similar products from hill tribes and other locations. However, if you scrimmage through all the little stores you come across some beautiful handicrafts and concepts. There was one little store, Khmer Yeung, that did all kinds of crafts and their income (I’m not sure if it is all of it or not) goes to different charities and hill tribes. In there I saw rings made from spoons and forks rolled up like a little fruit loop to fit your finger and just had to buy one. 

The main store I want to talk about is the “Kamonohashi Project Old Market Shop”. The store itself has a beautiful, vibrant and classy aesthetic to it. The products looked really natural with the weave outlook and the colours were showcased in a very inviting manner. What makes it even better is that the Kamonohashi project is a project which aims to help stop child trafficking, so you would be investing your money in something gorgeous which will be made even more charming with the thought that it might have helped someone. Next time you shop in Siem Reap I definitely recommend these two little shops. (Links below)

Khmer Yeung Shop:ショップ/

Kamonohashi Project Shop:

Kamonohashi Project Website: