Between Lines – Gallery Gaze


Went to my cousin’s (Sonea Rattanaruangsup) exhibition opening last night, Between My Lines, and it was full of color and life. There are two sets to her exhibition, both so different yet full of similar characters. The vibrant expressive pieces draw your eyes to them instantly when you enter the Neilson Hays Library. You can almost feel her emotions in these pieces and the compositions are so interesting, I definitely enjoyed them.


Now once you enter the library and see what’s inside that’s when I feel your mind will be blown, mine surely was (but then again it’s more about your style). The intricate details and thought that went into each line was incredible. I definitely think there are hidden meanings between these lines and if you look close enough you might just make out some of them. If you couldn’t make it last night I would still recommend a visit – it’s on for a month! 

P.S Photos don’t really do them justice as usual.