All That Glitters

Is truly not gold. 


Something that looks ethereal on a runway, almost always has an upsetting origin. The people who make it – their conditions, their wages, their livelihood. Just because you want to save an extra 200Baht, which lets be honest probably wouldn’t have made a dent in your lifestyle, may have caused someone their eyesight because they couldn’t afford to turn on the lights for the night. Ok extreme, possibly, but who takes subtle seriously anymore. If it does not directly affect us we clearly don’t care enough. So let’s make it a point to know where these clothes are being made and how they are being made. Let’s make it a point to choose carefully even if out of guilt. Just so there are fewer fire hazards, fewer collapsing buildings and fewer lives being taken over a piece of clothing. (Doesn’t it sound absurd when you say that sentence out loud? But it’s happened and may keep happening). Not just where it comes from but where it goes. What you do with clothes that you are bored with, slightly torn or dirty. With a little bit of thought, research and care we could make a difference.