Steve McCurry – Gallery Gaze


Yesterday the day of Loy Krathong, Gurpurab & Supermoon I head out in the attempt of trying to squeeze Steve McCurry’s exhibition into my evening. Yes, clearly trying to bite off more than I can chew. NomNom. From Ekamai BTS station I was trying to get a motorbike taxi (Thais: win guys) when I saw the long line. Peak time trying to get a bike is so frustrating since the whole point of a bike is speed but these lines. *sigh* So me being me, I obviously London-walked my way to the House of Lucie and got there slightly sweaty, thinking I would have room to breathe and look at all the photos since I was so early. WRONG. I got there and there were so many people I was stunned, it wasn’t even 19.00 yet (the time the exhibition is suppose to start) – alright I guess it is after all Steve McCurry. Trying to squeeze myself through vertically chatting humans without making eye contact with anyone specific is more difficult than you realise. If you know me, I don’t really know how to socialize with new people without being awkward, let alone while I am slightly rushed. Oh did I mention? I was late to head out to see the Supermoon and head out to the temple as well as squeezing a dinner in before that. 

Aside from all that hectic activity happening in my brain, I thought the exhibition was great. Some of the photographs were incredible and I urge everyone to look into the subjects’ eyes. So many beautifully portrayed eyes and well I love staring into people’s eyes to try to figure out their story. I can’t talk photography to you but I can say with my limited knowledge of photography that they were beautiful, national geographic beautiful (get the pun?). I didn’t take many photos because it seemed silly to take photos of a photographer’s work; it would never look as amazing anyways! So if you like his work I do recommend you head out to the House of Lucie, there is an incredible collection of photographs, you will need at least an hour to go through all of them!