Smart Sharing


To all the educated people out there : 

“Gaining knowledge, is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity.”  

And maybe, in this world of ruthlessness, we need a few more drops of humanity. 


I’ve always believed that having an education is a privilege. No matter how accessible it may be today, not everyone has a chance to go study what they want in specific schools and universities they prefer. For that I feel that the people who do have privileges of gaining knowledge should put it into good use. The only way I know how (other than the obvious path of finding a job) is to share it. The more knowledge you share with the people around you, the more they are willing to do so with you. With that, the only way forward is to grow side by side and yet independently.  Sharing your knowledge allows you to hear yourself out loud and discuss ideas in a more effective manner. If you have more than one mind at work it is generally better;  I mean you can bounce off ideas you’ve never thought of alone! I notice a lot of people are less willing to share their education and for that I feel sorry for them. They are either too insecure to help someone else out with their struggling path but mainly because they have no idea that knowledge multiplies when you share it. If we did not share our knowledge through generations of books and communication we would not be this civilised (well that’s currently up for debate *jokes*) world we are today. 

h a p p y    s h a r i n g!