Lungs of Krungthep

I have been extremely busy this new year and haven’t had a chance to post anything for you guys! First off, hope everyone is having a lovely start to the year and is making the most of their January. I recently went to Bang Krachao, the lungs of Bangkok as some call it, and found it so refreshing – like literally. No really. The air did seem cleaner and breathing all of a sudden became so much easier. Anyway, we reached slightly later than we planned and decided to start the trail from the temple. We started towards Bangkok Tree House, which was closed off for a wedding (boo! though such a quirky idea for a wedding there) and then went on round in a circle and back to the temple. We passed a few restaurants by the river but were not hungry enough to sit down for a meal. Then we passed a house, Ban Thoop, where they make incense sticks and again due to our bad timing didn’t actually get a chance to check it out properly (but it’s definitely a plan for next time).  

   So a pretty uneventful evening, except that it was almost like you were in the country area when it only took us an hour to get there from the city centre.

Also did I mention how refreshing the air was?!