The Private Life Photography – Gallery Gaze


This weekend was very artsy fartsy and fantastic for me. If you have been living inside an artless bubble, there were 2 gallery nights in Bangkok this past weekend. On Friday night I only had time for one exhibition, however gallery hopping on Saturday night definitely made up for it. There were even free tuktuks to take you from one gallery to another! I started off at Case Space Revolution, which was right above Broccoli Revolution. Being quite eager about an Artastic (this should be a word!) evening I happen to be the first person there. Me, being as awkward as I am, walked in, saw that it was fresh and empty then questioned out loud “Am I the first one here?” without realizing that it would lead to a chorus of ‘yes’, followed by a really interesting conversation with the artist (Panida Srijai) herself. 

The exhibition is based on the lives of nurses that have been restricted to a particular way of life. They have restrictions on what they can wear, how they behave and so much more. This lead our photographer (a nurse herself) to rebel against the strict rules and express herself through her photographs. Her aim is to reveal the nurse’s true persona, as she believes that nurses are usually perceived as the perfectly polite and calm humans that take care of us. These images reveal the raw intimacy amongst the nurses as well as their ordinary moments once they are not confined to being just another nurse. The exhibition is a reminder of why people rebel at all; it is usually when they are not heard or when they are confined to too many rules and regulations. Her photographs are interesting and especially after speaking to her I could see her story slowly unveiling through them. 

The exhibition runs until 18.03.17 so you still quite a bit of time. 

There will be more posts about some of the other exhibitions I saw on Saturday later this week.