Looking & Seeing – Gallery Gaze


…and FEELING as the artist continually encourages us to do. This was one of the more diverse and exciting exhibitions I visited whilst gallery hopping (so much better than bar hopping by the way). The exhibition by Pichai Pongsasaovapark is divided into three sectors – Deluge, Drought and The Air We Breathe. A rather powerful message being portrayed in his work, as he subtly reminds us about continuing to pursue the balance between nature and the human way of life. 

He “believes that everything in the world and universe is interconnected,” clearly, we were best friends in our past lives. There are so many examples in the world that emphasizes the importance of co-existing, whether it is natural or manmade. He then goes on to say that “art itself cannot change the world, but the arts can make us think and feel and face our challenges, allowing us to learn how to live and work together in balance.”  Beautifully said and portrayed through his paintings and photographs. 

The exhibition is on until the 26th at Subhashok The Arts Centre.