Wassily Kandinsky – Gallery Gaze


The previous weekend was spontaneously artsy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had to take a trip to Milan for some work and the city played along. It has never been a city that intrigued me, however it was a beautiful & friendly weekend and I didn’t need more than a light jacket. I saw lots of interesting boutiques and ate some delicious food. Ended the weekend by going to MUDEC to check out the Wassily Kandinsky exhibition on a spur. Despite the awful service (the waiter practically barked at us the moment we parked our backside onto the seats of a table) at the MUDEC Cafe, I had a lovely day there.

Kandinsky has a special place in my heart because his work was something, my girls and I (the blueberrypies) studied during our school year. His use of colors and his recurring theme of the Knight is interesting. In this exhibition we saw adventures and fairy tales in the forms of abstract paintings. The exhibition was vast and even allowed you to explore your senses through the use of music and visual installations.