Before going to Venice, I was a bit unsure whether I would like the city, as I got a lot of mixed reviews. Once I reached and had a couple of hours to stroll around aimlessly I was still not one hundred percent. I saw areas which were extremely touristy (people crowding around in certain areas with a variety of languages), but I also saw cute little alleyways potentially leading to quieter areas.

I was spot on! The next day we set out to explore the Cannaregio district and it was full of wonders. Friendly people, cute little houses, delicious Cicchetti and lovely wine; it was not crowded and there were mostly locals. We then adventured onto the Rialto bridge, and was instantly overwhelmed by the tuna-packed people surrounding us. It is a great bridge but Venice is full of incredible little bridges I wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes on the Rialto.

If you like roof top views but want to avoid the extremely crowded tower in San Marco, I found a great article ( that suggested the bell tower in San Giorgio Maggiore island. The view is as good, probably even better (but I cannot confirm this as I have not been up the tower in San Marco), but you will have no queue and crowd. Plus you also get an experience on the taxi boat, the number 2, takes us all around the outside of Venice and it was lovely.

P.S. I will write about two little shops I came across that got me smiling in the next post!