Art in Venice


I meant to write this last week, but I have been so busy with post Songkran holiday work that I barely had time to breathe. Though I did find time to go check out the movie Get Out and it was nuts, amazing and slightly predictable but nuts, definitely worth a watch. Anyhow back to Venice, the beautiful and not so cliché parts of Venice – the artisans! There were several shops that were genuinely interesting but I will only mention two, because I truly find these exciting and if you know me I definitely called them cute!

During my stroll around the Castello district waiting for a restaurant to re-open for dinner, I found this cute little artisanal shop, Ceramiche Chimera and I couldn’t resist. Went in and saw how everything was displayed and was smitten. The artist, Ilaria Rigoni,  was sat there working on a new product, ready to be of help. I was rummaging through a bowl looking for 2 of the same specific beads for a possible future pair of earrings, when she assisted me after she saw the frustrating on my face of not finding the second matching bead. Then we got on to have a quick little chat and I found out that everything in the store was handmade by her, there were prints, little watercolor paintings as well as ceramics. The little watercolor prints were gorgeous and her ceramics had an eccentric pop to them. Basically, I wished I had her life, to be able to just sit in a store, painting, drawing and making little bits of jewelry, whilst making money from it. Whoop! I absolutely recommend this sweet little place, if you want something different from the high streets of Venice.

The second spot is more of a gallery than a store and the artist was as vibrant as his paintings.  His gallery was so bright, it was hard to ignore it and once you entered you saw some beautifully vivid paintings and trust me it was hard to resist. What was great was that he had smaller prints of his large paintings, though as an artist myself I understand that making copies of your paintings seems almost like a betrayal to your original, I was grateful to be able to be able to acquire something from him as I only had a weekender bag with me. His originals are exciting portrayals of parts of Venice, especially the Cannaregio district, which is where the gallery is based. If you want a postcard of Venice to take away with you, his prints are the ones I would go for!

Venice is always referred to as the romantic city, but I can’t express how creative and artistic the city is as well. I would go there again just to look for more artisanal shops that I missed out on and if anyone has recommendations of other similar spots, I would definitely appreciate it for a next trip!