This past weekend has been a lovely long artsy farsty weekend. On Saturday I dragged my butt to the Railway Market in Srinakharin, yes I finally did! It was extremely crowded and hot but the food was incredible. We ate spicylycious lobster and a huge bowl of bah-mi that we literally couldn’t finish. The market is full of cheap everything possible, as well as quirky vintage products. I got myself some vinyls and if we had less sweat, more energy and time I’m sure I would have gotten lots more. There will definitely be several more visit, I just have to find better routes to get there to avoid that ridiculous traffic. 

Anyways, the main reason we are here is actually the street art all over Ratchaburi. Yes the title of this post is a very cool pun indeed. We saw some very colorful graffiti there and I just wanted to share some loving your way.