I am Rubina. A Thai girl but Indian. Long story but you know one of those that could go on for a bit, but in a nutshell – I am from Thailand, I look Indian, I sound American and is currently living in Bangkok.

So the thing is there are so many people who are into art and so many people into fashion, but as far as I know there is a niche that likes both art and fashion and would love to combine the two. I’m in that niche. I like fashion, but not the usual kind you see, I mean don’t get me wrong the commercial and simple stuff are beautiful and could be very interesting depending on how its been made, but I love the avant-garde stuff. The crazy artistic fashion, the ones that have a whole story behind it, those capture me. I could listen to the stories behind a fashion collection for ages and would be completely fascinated by it, depending on how intriguing the story is.

Other than the whole fashion art thing, I love a good piece of art. Anything on a canvas that is fascinating I would love to find out more about it. I paint and draw quite a bit so I can imagine the hard work and effort being poured onto a canvas. I know some pieces are just a spur of the moment but there definitely is still a feeling/story behind that moment.

So basically I share interesting stories that have happened to me, places I visit and most importantly works by me. A lazy scripted sketchbook I work on whenever I feel something is worth sharing. Always appreciative of any comments or suggestions, so please let me know what you think and hope you like it! :)