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Chaotic Crafts

Vietnam has never been on top of my travel list, but last week I had the chance to visit Saigon, Nha Trang and Dalat. Full of history, hustle & bustle, smiles and to… Continue reading

More Than Thread

When you are working on your DIY projects, do you ever notice that once you are done you end up with little bits and bobs, some may call waste? I make pillow cases… Continue reading

Creative Fuel

This past week has been an incredibly creative and sustainable week for a lot of people in Bangkok. There have been workshops, events and showcases of arts and crafts in various parts of… Continue reading

All The Bookmark Doodles

Festive Month Festive Posts Only! These are alllll the bookmark doodles! All presents! All given away already :-) If anyone in Bangkok has a special request don’t hesitate!  Last post of the year,… Continue reading

More than Scraps

Have you ever had scraps and scraps of fabrics just piling up in your room? Maybe a few leftover scraps or old clothes that can’t be worn but the print or the color… Continue reading

Sticks and Frames

  Last Saturday I had the best time at a creative weaving workshop. We were given so many balls of yarn in various colors and textures and it was like a party in… Continue reading

Bits & Bobs ~ TEE

So I wanted to start this new thing. Re-using, Recycling tips for everyday products that you would generally throw away. I will try not to make it a snooze fest but instead they… Continue reading

Building a Camera

This Christmas I got a chance to build a twin lens reflex camera, a proper vintage looking one. Although it was a slightly painful and long process, it was very exciting, especially when… Continue reading

When the Sunny Days Return

Isn’t it amazing how much more active you are when it is sunny in London. I feel like we achieve so much more and its more enjoyable as well. Spitalfields market is one… Continue reading