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Different Kind Of Bubble

The other day I was having a chat with a friend after quite some time, let’s call him CR. We were never close but are in some of the same circle of friends… Continue reading

Closest to Wrong

It’s funny, we’ve always heard that survival of the fittest is the way to be, which usually means adapting to all circumstances. Now, however, if you really think about it, because everyone is… Continue reading


These two drawings were done whilst I was reading the Zahir by Paulo Coelho. The book is definitely worth a read – it was one of those that made you think about who… Continue reading

Every Woman

I had a beautiful conversation with a woman, an ordinary woman. I meet her almost everyday and know very little about her personal life. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of her strength and perseverance through… Continue reading


It’s about where you let the sun shine.  You have lived when you have felt a squeeze like pain in your heart. You know you have experienced something so beautiful, you are afraid… Continue reading

All The Bookmark Doodles

Festive Month Festive Posts Only! These are alllll the bookmark doodles! All presents! All given away already :-) If anyone in Bangkok has a special request don’t hesitate!  Last post of the year,… Continue reading

s’more bookmark doodles

Festive Month Festive Posts Only! This is the Eye Set. Spot the Eyes! These bookmarks will be given as presents, so if anyone in Bangkok has a special request don’t hesitate!   

bookmark doodles

Festive Month Festive Posts Only! I know I have mostly been doing Gallery Gaze postings but that is because I have been tied down with loooooong hours at work. Even then, I have… Continue reading

In passing

Let’s glow our brightest, even, if only, for a little while. 

Give & Take

Today as humans we are consumers. As consumers we purchase products. The products made from resources. Resources produced or retrieved from the earth. So today as humans we take from the earth. This… Continue reading