The Inspiration from Pottery

Yuewei Vivien Zhang is a friend from school and she just had her graduate show last Friday, presenting her paintings. Can’t believe how fast university life has passed – shes already graduating (congratulations… Continue reading

The Awakening ~Painting

The Awakening

Just a little something something. 

Turning Doodling into something Real

If you have seen one of my older posts, I doodle a lot and it’s always the weird pattern things that I do that can be very small and simple or complicated and… Continue reading

The mess is the best!

  A little glimpse of my room – I clearly have too many things. 

Something I did a little while back

David Hockney

As I waited for a friend in front of the Royal Academy of Arts with several people pushing by, I started to get a little bit annoyed. We all know how the crowd… Continue reading

Another one of my paintings

I messed about a bit with this painting. I painted faces onto the canvas and distorted it slightly with some paint. Then left it for so long I got bored with it as… Continue reading

Another one of my Paintings

I broke one of the churis -indian bangles (and it means bad luck if you do) but I thought instead of the superstition I might as well use it. So I broke a… Continue reading

Bits & Bobs

When things get a little dull at work, I doodle. When things get intense in a meeting, I doodle (mainly to avoid eye contact with anyone, if you know what I mean). When… Continue reading