Bits & Bobs

When things get a little dull at work, I doodle. When things get intense in a meeting, I doodle (mainly to avoid eye contact with anyone, if you know what I mean). When… Continue reading

When the Sunny Days Return

Isn’t it amazing how much more active you are when it is sunny in London. I feel like we achieve so much more and its more enjoyable as well. Spitalfields market is one… Continue reading

Moorish Idol

The moorish idol is my favorite fish – I almost took it home with me while snorkelling. This is a piece inspired by the fish. See if you can spot them in the… Continue reading

Le Printemps

Just another one of my drawings of the sculpture – Le Printemps by Pierre Ier Legros. Sorry about the scribble on the top of the page.

“I can do anything, but instead I’ll do nothing.”

Ever heard of Moomin? They are fictional characters introduced by Tove Jannson. She has done a whole series of these children books. I havent personally read any of them, however I saw the… Continue reading

A Summer in Pai


A Splash of Cobalt Blue

Boudicca is British brand that explores the artistic aspects of fashion. There is always a story and a reason to their collections and each collection is creatively constructed and presented. After a lot… Continue reading

Annie Morris – London Art Fair

The untitled peg piece – with women drawn on them… Check her website out —>

London Art Fair – Bradley Castellanos

I visited the London Art Fair in the Business Design Center in Islington and saw some interesting and beautiful art pieces, ranging from sculptures to pencil drawings. Here is one..there is more to… Continue reading

Just another one of my Drawings