Khrai thi mai khuey pai Amphawa, chuey

Amphawa Floating Market Amphawa is an evening weekend market from 12 in the afternoon til 8 in the evening. This floating market is very different from Domnuen Saduak market because it is a… Continue reading

When things get a little dull…

A whimsical photoshoot with Rubina shorts and Sretsis Dress. Credits to model, Krittana K. Photography by Bina S.                 

Its all about knowing what people want…

So when you go shopping, would you rather go down Oxford street or somewhere that is a little quieter and you could actually browse through without rushing like it’s the end of the… Continue reading

Borough Market

The weekends are great for going vintage shopping, firstly because most of us are only free during the weekend and secondly because the markets are only open during the weekends. Well this market… Continue reading

Why did I not go to East Dulwich before?

So Londoners instead of running to Oxford St or Picadilly Circus this Christmas do you want to try somewhere new? Well let me introduce to you East Dulwich (more specifically Lordship Lane).  Its… Continue reading

Flapper your Feet like a Duck!

Today on the tube I saw this woman wearing this pair of shoes and I couldn’t help but notice how hideous they look. I personally think that duck’s feet are even prettier but… Continue reading

Are we all turning into little 50s princesses?

The New Look I watched funny face yesterday and Audrey Hepburn looks sooo pretty…and the fashion at that time period was soo fairy tale – everything was so charming. The new look by… Continue reading

BACC Dance the World in one Day

You would think that dancing the world in one day would mean it would involve several different dances, which it did have a random selection of; however 7 from 19 of those dances were… Continue reading

Paintings on Rugs

At the Bangkok Art and Culture Center there are paintings on rugs. The rugs give a realli gud affect to the paintings especially since they are abstract paintings. It forms a harsh and… Continue reading

Me and the Rest of the World

Painting by Bina:

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    regram @ormtacha
Thanks @rubynnastory for these beautiful handmade pillowcases!! Love the fabric combinations 😍😍😍 **
Thanks Ormy! Sunday green feels 💚 #50shadesofgreen your heart and my heart are very, very old friends - Hafiz #livelifelargesize "Each color lives by it's mysterious life." -Kandinsky • February's color is blue. Blue pompom bracelet by RubynnaStory. The lovely white bracelet made from #recycled paper is by Paperista. The silver bracelet by Pandora. I had a very green and lovely weekend and just wanted to spread some green feels with everyone! Hope you did a little dance, stroll around a few plants and had some loud laughs! 🌿🌱
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